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Procedural File: _main_config.template.php

Source Location: /qp_config/_main_config.template.php

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This is Quam Plures' main config file.

You do NOT need to edit this file. In most situations, the installer will do it for you. If however you are doing a MANUAL install, make sure you do NOT edit _main_config.template.php ! You should edit _main_config.php instead. If _main_config.php doesn't exist yet, then open _main_config.template.php and SAVE it AS _main_config.php.

Reminder: every line starting with # or // is a comment, multiline comments are surrounded by '/*' and '* /' (without space).

IMPORTANT: Take special care not to erase quotes (') around text parameters and semicolums (;) at the end of the lines. Otherwise you'll get some "unexpected T_STRING" parse errors!

Contributors: you should override this file by creating a file named _config_TEST.php (see end of this file).

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