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Procedural File: _resultsel.class.php

Source Location: /qp_inc/_core/ui/results/_resultsel.class.php

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This file implements the ResultSel class.

This file is part of Quam Plures - See also

Author:  fplanque: Francois PLANQUE
Author:  fsaya: Fabrice SAYA-GASNIER / PROGIDISTRI

(c)2003-2009 by Francois PLANQUE - Parts of this file are copyright (c)2005-2006 by PROGIDISTRI -

Copyright:  (c) 2009 - 2011 by the Quam Plures developers -
Filesource:  Source Code for this file
Class Description
ResultSel ResultSel class: displays Results and provides Selection capabilities
cols_check  [line 220]

void cols_check( the $selection_ID, the $sel_table, the $sel_table_item, the $sel_table_selection  )

Sets the cols_check global variable to verify if checkboxes have to be checked in the result set

the   $selection_ID:  selection ID
the   $sel_table:  name of the attachment table (which links the items and the selections
the   $sel_table_item:  item id field
the   $sel_table_selection:  selection id field

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handle_selection_actions  [line 361]

void handle_selection_actions( integer $selection_ID, string $prefix, string $prefix_sel  )

Handle selection action

Determine if we need to perform an action to the current selection and do it in this case.

integer   $selection_ID:  the current selection id
string   $prefix:  prefix (cont_, etab_, firm_, ..)
string   $prefix_sel:  selection prefix (cocs_, etes_, fifs_, ..)

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selection_action  [line 394]

void selection_action( string $action, integer $selection_ID, string $selection_name, string $prefix, string $prefix_sel  )

Manages the various database changes to make on selections

string   $action:  the action currently effectuated
integer   $selection_ID:  the current selection id
string   $selection_name:  the current selection name
string   $prefix:  prefix (cont_, etab_, firm_, ..)
string   $prefix_sel:  selection prefix (cocs_, etes_, fifs_, ..)

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selection_checkbox  [line 248]

string selection_checkbox( integer $item_ID, string $param_prefix  )

Display a checkbox allowing to add the item to a selection

Only one checkbox will be displayed for each ID. IDs which are already in the selection will be pre-checked.

integer   $item_ID:  item ID
string   $param_prefix:  item name / prefix for form values

API Tags:
Return:  the correct input tag

Information Tags:
Todo:  (legacy): should go into ResultSel class (was tagged deprecated - doh!)

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selection_select_tag  [line 299]

void selection_select_tag( string $category_prefix, string $selections_table, string $selections_table_name, string $selections_table_ID, integer $selection_ID  )

Creates the select tag in the search menu and fills it with the appropriate option tags

string   $category_prefix:  the selection category prefix(the one used during the construction of the result object)
string   $selections_table:  the name of the table containing the selections
string   $selections_table_name:  the name field in the selection table
string   $selections_table_ID:  the id field in the selection table
integer   $selection_ID:  the current selection id

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