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Procedural File: _cron.funcs.php

Source Location: /qp_inc/cron/_cron.funcs.php

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This file implements cron (scheduled tasks) handling functions.

This file is part of Quam Plures - See also

Author:  fplanque: Francois PLANQUE.
Copyright:  (c) 2009 - 2011 by the Quam Plures developers -

(c)2003-2009 by Francois PLANQUE -

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call_job  [line 64]

void call_job( string $job_name, [string $job_params = array()]  )

Call a cron job.

string   $job_name:  Name of the job
string   $job_params:  Params for the job

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cron_log  [line 38]

void cron_log( string $message, [integer $level = 0]  )

Log a message from cron.

string   $message:  Message
integer   $level:  Level of importance. The higher the more important. (if $quiet (number of "-q" params passed to cron_exec.php) is higher than this, the message gets skipped)

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