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Procedural File: viewfile.php

Source Location: /qp_srvc/viewfile.php

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This file implements the UI for file viewing.

This file is part of Quam Plures - See also

Author:  blueyed: Daniel HAHLER.
Author:  fplanque: Francois PLANQUE.

(c)2003-2009 by Francois PLANQUE - Parts of this file are copyright (c)2004-2006 by Daniel HAHLER -

Copyright:  (c) 2009 - 2011 by the Quam Plures developers -
Todo:  template compliant header!
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require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../qp_config/_config.php') [line 39]

Load config, init and get the $mode.

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require_once ($inc_path.'/') [line 40]
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